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CG Flooring Systems are Global Flooring Specialists

CG Flooring Systems was established in 2000, as a spin off from Concrete Grinding Ltd.

Concrete Grinding Ltd specialise in the upgrading of narrow aisle floors, using the revolutionary Laser Grinder® System.

There was an increase in enquiries from existing clients to consider the upgrading and repairing of floors, outside of the narrow aisles. This type of work required a completely different set of skills, equipment and understanding. High demands eventually led to the need for a unique service, separate from Concrete Grinding Ltd, resulting in the formation of CG Flooring Systems Ltd.

Part of the CoGri Group of companies, CG Flooring Systems adds to the breadth of services the Group offers for the repair and maintenance of industrial floors.

Who Is CG Flooring

To pro-long the life and improve the performance of all worn and damaged concrete floors.
In our opinion the floor is the most important part of the building. Look after the floor and it will look after your operation.
Professional, thorough and passionate about providing the right advice. We choose our floor systems to support our customers requirements in any environment.
We pride ourselves in being able to solve problems and work with you towards successful completion of the project.

About the CoGri Group

Established since 1989, world leader and experts in our industry, the CoGri Group of companies is a consortium of international specialists that collectively offers a complete package solution for the design, construction, upgrading, repair and enhancement of industrial floors, particularly in floor flatness in narrow aisles.

CG Flooring Systems Ltd is part of the CoGri Group of companies.

For more information, please visit www.cogrigroup.com

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