Narrow Aisle to Wide Aisle Floor Solution

May 1, 2014

Warehouse Floor CG Flooring Systems has recently completed a technically demanding project to in-fill laser ground paths to an area of warehouse floor previously used as a very narrow aisle (VNA) operation.

Working for CAM Forklift Trucks, a leading materials handling solutions provider based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, the floor refurbishment work was an integral part of their project to upgrade the racking at the Wm Morrison regional distribution centre in Bellshill near Glasgow, where a change of use away from VNA operations was required.

The programme demanded speed of application without compromising on the quality of installation or on the level of service provided. The four laser ground paths in the floor are effectively channels cut to exacting flatness tolerances to enable VNA trucks to operate safely and efficiently in a defined movement area. Due to the change of use to a wider aisle operation, the ground paths would present a problem for the materials handling equipment (MHE) to operate safely in this area. CG Flooring Systems expertise as a specialist in the repair of concrete industrial floors enabled them to provide a wide aisle floor solution that was technically correct and cost effective.

Analysis of the floor within the ground paths ensured the correct surface preparation was carried out, where approximately seventy percent of the total 500m2 was reduced sufficiently to provide a base for the new wide aisle floor solution to be applied. FASTFLOOR-IT our hard wearing industrial floor screed was then applied to in-fill the cut paths and this was finished flush with the surrounding floor profile to ensure a smooth transition between new and existing floor surfaces for the MHE.

CG Flooring Systems were grateful for the opportunity to successfully demonstrate their skills for CAM Forklift Trucks and their prestigious client.

Paul Freeman, Director of CAM Forklift Trucks Limited added, “The speed of response from CG Flooring Systems from both the initial site visit and submission of formal proposal, to the arrival of engineers on site to affect the actual floor preparation and final repair were critical in ensuring we continued to meet the clients vital time frame for the overall project – without this prompt action greater expense would have been incurred by the client.

We were not only able to meet the clients requirements and deliver a workable solution for which they were highly delighted, this once again served to confirm our credentials as a solutions provider who when challenged beyond our normal remit are able to deliver to the clients satisfaction.

This would not have been possible without the valued services of CG Flooring Systems with whom we continue to make progress with other opportunities across our varied and extended customer base.”

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