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Concrete Floor Repair in Minutes!

May 1, 2014

Time… A precious commodity we never seem to have enough off in this demanding modern world of instant information, answers, solutions, etc. etc. It almost feels as though there is never enough time to sit back and smell the proverbial roses in the workplace, never mind considering when you can allocate time to have essential maintenance carried out in a busy warehouse. That was certainly the initial impression we were given by a client for whom we have recently completed a concrete floor repair project.

Concrete Floor in Fashion

March 1, 2014

Refurbished floors at the Fashion and Textile MuseumThe start of the year saw CG Flooring Systems Ltd involved in refurbishing the exhibition floor at the Fashion and Textile Museum (FTM) in London. After years of applying a variety of oil based paints to the concrete floor, the museum was looking to return the floor to a more natural concrete finish to enhance their gallery space.

Floor Repair & Maintenance Products

June 1, 2012

Joint and Crack repair productsThe latest quarter has been an exciting time for CG Flooring Systems Ltd (CGFS), as they launched their own CoGri branded professional floor repair and refurbishment range of materials. The products in the range are high quality, with a proven record of superior performance in the floor repair and refurbishment of concrete industrial slabs. These products have been successfully used by the CoGri Group of Companies, worldwide over the last 20 years.

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CG Flooring Systems are part of the CoGri Group

The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world

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