Concrete Floor Crack Repair

There are a few reasons why cracks can appear in concrete floor slabs and these are generally associated with restraint from shrinkage, often having no structural significance.

Other cracks can occur as a result of overloading or because of a lack of adequate structural capacity in the slab.

Floor Repair Specialists

As a company specialising wholly in the repair and upgrade of concrete industrial flooring, we have the experience and knowledge to identify the cause of the cracking. Enabling us to provide the correct and cost-effective solution to return the floor back to a serviceable condition.

Will The Crack Get Worse?

Crack in concrete floor

Cracks are similar to joints in that, once they appear, they should be monitored for signs of deterioration, such as breakdown or spalling at the arris edge. They are vulnerable to damage, particularly from hard wheeled materials handling equipment and once the arrisses start to spall they will never improve with neglect – they will only get worse.

Crack Repair Methods

Finished Crack Repair

Our crack repair methods combined with the application of CoGri professional repair products can reduce or even prevent further edge spalling. Leaving the floor suitable for traffic to operate safely and effectively, at the same time, minimising future maintenance costs.

Concrete Floor Repair Services

concrete floor joint arris repair

Joint Repair

Reconstruction of the joint arrisses

warehouse floor joint reseal

Joint Reseal

Replacing defective sealant to protect arris edges

concrete floor slab crack repair

Crack Repair

Rebonding of two sections of the floor slab

other concrete flooring repair services

Other Repairs

Dependant on the relevant issue

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