Demarcation Line Marking & Removal

At CG Flooring Systems we offer the installation and removal of demarcation line marking to warehouse and industrial floors.

Our fast and efficient service, coupled with fast curing materials, enable us to work around the ongoing operation. Keeping any impact on the operation to an absolute minimum.

We pay particular attention to the following on our line marking applications:

Demarcation Line Marking

demarcation lining

We can provide customised floor marking that is not only functional and suitable for your operational requirements, but also safety demarcation lines to protect your workforce, essential in today’s health and safety environment.

Our line marking and stencilling services can accommodate almost any requirement including, walkways, forklift traffic routes, pallet lanes, hatching, numbers and letters.

Demarcation Line Marking Removal

soda jet line removal

In addition to offering the more traditional methods to mechanically remove floor markings, we also offer methods allowing the non-destructive removal of line markings.

All our removal techniques are safe, dust free and can be carried out around the ongoing operation.

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demarcation lines

Demarcation Lines

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