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Demarcation Line Marking and Removal for Industrial and Warehouse Floors

Demarcation Line Marking

demarcation lining

Demarcation line marking can define the walkways from the Roadways, the Racking areas from the aisles, the escape routes from the transfer areas, the stacking areas from the loading bays and many other divisions between Safety and potential danger, making them one of the most important and powerful safety tools used in warehousing and materials handling today.

Our Demarcation Line Marking Service

In order to meet the demand for the speedy application of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent demarcation line marking, CG Flooring Systems Limited have built up a variety of materials and equipment to meet Clients demands and safety requirements regarding their warehouse and industrial floors.

  • Temporary – Special coloured floor line marking paint, applied to a clean surface
  • Semi-Permanent – Special coloured non-slip adhesive lining tape, applied to a clean surface
  • Permanent – High-build non-slip lining paint, applied to a specially prepared floor surface
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Demarcation Line Marking Removal

soda jet line removal

Soda Jet System

This method is a non-destructive system which can easily remove painted demarcation line marking and many other materials from warehouse and industrial floor surfaces without the use of Solvents, Sand Blasting or Wire Brushing.

  • Fast and Extremely Effective – No need to shut down or seal off operations
  • Environmentally Friendly – Dust Free / Taint Free / Odour Free
  • Versatile – Can be used on Concrete Floors, Ceramic Tiles and Terrazzo Toppings
  • Safe – Non Aggressive, Toxic, Abrasive or Flammable
  • Highly Cost Effective
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