FASTFLOOR-IT Floor Screeds

May 1, 2014

Application of FASTFLOOR-ITIndustrial floor screed systems are an ideal choice to refurbish an existing concrete floor and provide a smooth finish and hard wearing surface to support a busy warehouse operation. CG Flooring Systems understand the importance of a good quality floor and provide a wide range of industrial floor screed systems to meet any floor requirement.

A type of wearing screed, FASTFLOOR-IT is a pumpable floor screed system designed specially for rapid application in areas and situations where down time is at a premium and environmental matters are important. This floor screed is mixed in a pump to a fluid consistency to allow the mixture to flow smoothly, accurately with an even level of surface regularity and flatness. The FASTFLOOR-IT is machine pumped and areas of 1,000m2 can be covered in one day. Once laid, it will only take up to 2-3 hours for foot traffic and up to 24 hours for wheeled traffic, to reconvene operations in that area.

Hull Site, Surface Preperation

Surface PreparationWorking for Concrete Grinding Ltd, FASTFLOOR-IT was applied at a warehouse in Hull where four aisles were in need of levelling out as they were not suitable to be Laser Ground. This was a good technical project where Face Consultants Ltd (FACE) were also on-site directing the reduction of high spots during the surface preparation phase. FACE provided expertise in controlling the setting of screw levels for the FASTFLOOR-IT base to be pumped up to.

Application of FASTFLOOR-IT

Application of FASTFLOOR-IT With the detailed surface preparation works completed including the setting of formwork and joint repairs, the base screed and the wearing system were machine pump applied over two days. This was swiftly followed by the re-instating and sealing of the existing floor joints, before the aisles were handed back to the customer. The customer’s Materials Handling Equipment are now up and running on flat and smooth aisles.

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