Warehouse Floor Dilapidations and Repairs

Coming to the end of your warehouse lease?

Most leaseholders know the shock of receiving a detailed schedule of dilapidations issued by their property owner or agent to restore the warehouse to its former condition.

Dilapidated Warehouse

Alternatively, as an owner, you may be looking to repair and upgrade your warehouse floor for the lettings market. It is of note that in this fast-moving, modern world, new tenants will, more than likely, want to use some form of automated system and robotics in their warehouse to facilitate efficient, rapid operations. This means the floor that they operate on is more critical than ever.

Solving dilapidations flooring problems

If your schedule of dilapidations includes a variety of wince-inducing problems with the warehouse floor, it is easier and more cost-effective to use a company with a full range of flooring solutions.

As well as having typical defects associated with wear and tear on the slab, there may also be some more ominous defects present. No matter the defect, CG Flooring Systems has the experience and skills to restore the floor to a fully serviceable condition.

Full range of warehouse floor dilapidations services

Below is an explanation of the services we provide. Further details of each can be found using our services page.

Concrete Floor Joint (Arris) Repairs

Where dilapidation schedules show damaged arrisses (joint edges), CG Flooring utilises CoGri Repair Mortar to provide an extremely durable joint system. The repair is ground smooth, creating an impact-free surface for MHE and automated resources.

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Floor Crack Repairs

Industrial Polished Concrete Floor

There are many causes of floor cracks, and we use tried and tested repair methods to bring the floor back to a serviceable condition.

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Concrete Floor Surface Defects

Minor faults such as surface defects in the form of erosion caused by the hard wheels of materials handling equipment and the casters of autonomous mobile robots can easily occur. Dependent on the severity of the defect, we use our CoGri professional floor repair products to remove surface defects and restore surface integrity.

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Polished Finish

An ideal solution to provide a faster polished method for larger industrial floors, is to use our ride-on trowel polishing system. Perfect for giving an existing floor a smooth, serviceable, and dust-free polished finish.
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Repairing Bolt Holes in Concrete Floors

Warehouse floor racking bolt

CG Flooring is experienced in removing bolts from concrete floors and making the holes safe with CoGri LV Resin, for fast curing and a high tensile strength repair.

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Floor Slab Stabilisation

CoGri Joint Stabiliser with its patented spring-like mechanism is a fast, cost-effective alternative to other available solutions, such as retrofit dowel bars, sub-slab grout injections, and full-depth joint or total slab replacements.

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Floor Grinding (Including Automated Systems)

Automated Warehouse Floor

Using grinding plans derived from detailed level surveys and, starting from the highest down to the lowest areas, we remove only the correct amount of surface required to meet the specified floor flatness tolerance.

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Flooring Characteristics for Automated Warehouses

Surface gloss, micro-roughness, and friction can be enhanced to make floors suitable for autonomous mobile robots and automatic storage and retrieval systems.

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Resurfacing Poor Floors with Fastfloor IT Pump Screed

Fastfloor IT (Industrial Topping) is a pumpable floor screed system. It can cover areas in excess of 1,000 m2 a day for an even level of surface regularity and flatness.

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Resin Systems

Resin systems are used to enhance the appearance of concrete floors, helping to protect against wear and tear, spills, and chemicals. We provide flooring systems in a variety of colours and finishes, including anti-slip.

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Why Choose us?

Whatever flooring repair, restoration, or upgrade is required, CG Flooring Systems can offer a full range of services to fulfil your dilapidations obligations.

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