Floor Grinding for Automated Warehouses

The emergence of automated warehouses as the preferred option for e-commerce, fulfilment, and distribution operations, means that warehouse owners and managers must look to optimise their concrete floors for robotic systems.

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When you consider the hard wearing nature of concrete, it is ideally suited for commercial and industrial areas where a high performing floor that is easy to maintain is essential.

Designed to work efficiently, independently and quickly at repetitive tasks, the floor robotic equipment moves on has never been more important for maintaining a consistent operation and therefore, a competitive edge.

CG Flooring Systems have a wealth of experience in grinding automated warehouse floors to meet demanding specifications, providing the ideal platform for your operations.

The Warehouse of the Future, Today

In recent times we’ve seen the internet play an ever-growing part in the customer’s shopping journey, looking for convenience with a faster than ever delivery time.

The continued growth of e-commerce warehousing makes Goods to Person Robotics (G2P) very attractive to fulfilment centre operations. The growth is a result of the need for increased pick rates and packing efficiency for the quicker dispatch of products.

Warehouses today need to be flexible and utilise available vertical space, which is driving the requirement for automated systems.

Warehouse Floors

It may come as a surprise to many, but modern warehouse floors aren’t always designed to work well with robotic systems. Operating Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), or Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) require flat floors.

Some floors are also required to comply with clearly specified characteristics such as gloss, friction, and surface micro roughness to ensure optimum performance of the G2P Automated System.

As a specialist in the upgrading of concrete floors CG Flooring Systems have the knowledge and technical understanding to deliver these requirements

Testing Floors for G2P Automation

The first step in remediating a warehouse floor for Goods to Person robotics such as ASRS, AMRs, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), and Cobots (Collaborative Robots), is to establish the working specification of the respective robotic system. The next step is to ensure the warehouse floor complies with the specification, as uneven floors will impact the performance of G2P automated systems.

Specialist floor testing consultants can identify the factors required to deliver a floor suitable for an efficient and successful automated warehouse. Including specified characteristics such as gloss, friction, surface micro-roughness, abrasion resistance, and surface resistivity.

Grinding Floors for Robotic Systems

Using the analysis provided from the specialist floor testing company, CG Flooring Systems can deliver a corrective grinding plan to bring floor slabs within compliance of the desired specification.

Our equipment is designed to work quickly and efficiently, with vacuum enhancements to control dust and ensure minimal disruption.

Grinding for AMR Robotics

Grinding for AMR Robotics

If you’ve decided to use Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), the floor the robots will run on needs to comply with specific criteria, which is determined by the manufacturer, and the floor needs to meet the specification to allow the robots to operate at optimum performance.

Our grinding plan will focus on Surface Regularity for Flatness, Levelness, Curvature and Step Transitions, to grind non-compliant areas into compliance.

In addition to grinding for Surface Regularity requirements, we can also offer grinding services to meet Surface Characteristics for Micro Roughness, Friction and Gloss.

Grinding for ASRS

Grinding a Warehouse Floor for ASRS Automation

The modern, state-of-the-art Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) offer the ability to significantly increase storage capacity, married with improved efficiency to enable rapid order fulfilment. Ever-increasing numbers of e-commerce providers are creating ASRS warehouses.

Whether it’s a new or existing floor ASRS can be deployed on either, but one key essential for both is that they operate on a flat floor therefore, ensuring the system operates at maximum efficiency.

Repairing a Floor for an Automated System

Another key to the success of an automated system is the condition of the joints and surface of the floor. Damaged and joints wider than 5mm will impact the smooth running of AMRs as they pass over the joint. Joints that have curled or have poor load transfer capability can also have an impact on the performance of ASRS, AMRs and AGVs.

As a specialist in the repair and upgrading of warehouse floors, we can carry out Joint Repairs and Repair Surface Defects to ensure the floor is fit for its intended purpose.

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