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Floor Grinding for Free Movement Floors

Floor Grinding is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces for free movement floors. Free movement floors refer to areas where materials handling equipment operate in random, non-defined directions and have an infinate number of travel paths.
  • Efficiency is increased if MHEs can operate at maximum speed
  • Surface unevenness can cause excessive vibration on MHEs and increase down time and repair
  • Health and safety is increased while driver fatigue is reduced
  • Decreases the liability to stock
  • Can reduce MHE maintenance costs

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Floor Grinding 3 Stage Programme

Stage 1: A detailed Level Survey

floor inspection

Levels are generally taken in a 1m grid over the whole area of the slab and the results are tabulated for analysis.

Stage 2: Analyse Results

FM Survey

The results are analysed and plotted to give a graphical illustration of the surface of the floor slab.

From this analysis a graphical grinding plan can be developed to show the grinding team the exact location and extent of the problem area(s).

The results of the analysis will also determine the various types of dust entrapping equipment that may be required to obtain the specified flatness in the minimum time and with the minimum disruption.


Stage 3: Corrective Floor Grinding

Floor Grinding

In the final stage, with the grinding plan to hand, corrective grinding is carried out starting with the highest area(s) and working down through the lower area(s) until this dust-free grinding operation is complete.

Frequent checks are made to ensure that only the correct amount of surface is removed, and that the completed floor slab meets the specified flatness requirement.