Floor Heating Screed

Screeds for heated floors using pump applied liquid screeds or insitu concrete.

These types of floor heating screeds are flowable in nature and are designed to provide the best solution for your underfloor heating system. In addition, they have significant advantages over the more traditional sand cement floor screeds.

Due to the flowable properties of these screeds complete coverage of the underfloor heating pipes can be achieved. They can be installed at a thickness of 50mm, allowing a 35mm coverage above a 15mm heating pipe, as opposed to the required 75mm thickness for the sand and cement system. This combined with the delivery of the material by pump machine, ensures large areas can be completed on any given day.

Specialist Floor Screeds

We provide pump-applied specialist floor screeds for Underfloor Heating Screed Systems. These include:

Domestic & Commercial Environments

underfloor heating screed service

Free flowing screeds for underfloor heating systems are ideally suited for commercial and domestic areas, whether new build or refurbishment projects. Their application can be a bonded, unbonded or floating construction, dependent on the design of the floor. They provide greater thermal conductive properties when compared to sand and cement screeds.

Undefloor Heating Screed Characteristics

underfloor heating screed pour

Designed to provide a smooth, high quality surface finish and reduce the potential of cracking or curling. Ideal for use with warm water underfloor heating systems, it is also suitable for the application of most floor coverings. Environmentally friendly, it is free of protein therefore will not harbour bacteria.

Floor Screeding Services

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Screeds For Underfloor Heating Systems

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