A Specialist’s Approach to Floor Joint Repairs

April 30, 2014

Completed Joint Repairs CG Flooring Systems have recently completed a substantial floor joint repair project at a warehouse in Milton Keynes for the Building and Property Consultancy Paragon LLP. Paragon LLP were acting as the project manager on behalf of LaSalle Investment Management and the warehouse occupier, an international high quality tyre company, and invited CG Flooring Systems to submit a proposal for the floor joint repair works.

The floor repairs were required on two expansion joints, each of 70 metres in length running the entire width of the warehouse, mainly in Free Movement (FM) Areas including a 35 metre section through the Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Area of the warehouse. The repair method carried out on both joints by a previous tenant had failed exhibiting signs of poor concrete compaction around the metal angles, excessive signs of premature wear and degradation once subjected to operational traffic from the customers Material Handling Equipment (MHE). After a period of consultation between Paragon LLP and CG Flooring agreement was reached on an appropriate repair detail and a programme to execute the repair works.

With the emphasis on ensuring the floor joint repair works could proceed with minimum impact to the customers ongoing operations, the repairs were to take place over 4 phases treating half the length of each joint at a time. Based on good engineering practice the new repair detail involved cutting back to sound concrete within the existing floor effectively forming a channel. The old and damaged concrete was cut into blocks, which in turn were lifted out and removed for disposal. This method of removal ensured a virtually dust free process without the need for erecting structures to prevent dust from contaminating warehouse stock. The newly formed clean arris edges to the concrete slabs then had holes drilled into them at regular intervals, into which dowel bars were resin fixed in order to provide a load transfer mechanism to prevent differential vertical movement at the joint, which can be caused by the movement of MHE across the joint. Consolidation of the sub-base, application of a physical damp proof membrane and a layer of reinforcement mesh completed the preparation works. An early strength, micro-silica concrete was then poured into the channel which received a power floated finish.

Damaged Floor Joint

Damaged floor joints

Clean arris edges with dowel bars installed

Clean arris edges with dowel bars installed

Completed Joint Repairs

Completed floor joint repairs

There were a number of reasons for choosing this repair detail, mainly the use of a concrete mix of this nature ensured the floor could achieve a very high standard of abrasion resistance within a short period and be returned to the customer within 7 days of each phase being completed. This compares favourably with a significantly longer period of 28 days if a standard concrete mix was used. The installation of the load transfer mechanism will not only provide better support for daily operations, it has the very strong potential to reduce future maintenance costs for both MHE and floor joint repairs.

This project demanded a considered and measured approach in order to deliver the high standard of repair required, within an acceptable time frame. Each phase was completed over one working week and this could only be achieved by adopting a dynamic approach with clear communication paths and undoubtedly, an understanding warehouse occupier. The appointment of a specialist industrial flooring contractor whose knowledge and understanding of not only concrete floors, but experience of warehouse operations to work in tandem with a thoroughly professional Project Management services and clear communication by Paragon LLP, demonstrate in no small way the benefits of what can be achieved by using specialist Project Managers on challenging projects.

Richard Estrop MRICS, Partner at Paragon LLP commented that ‘the proactive approach and knowledge of CG Flooring played a key part to successfully delivering a complicated project in an occupied warehouse. The works were completed to a very high standard and I would not hesitate to recommend CG Flooring for any other floor repair works.’

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