Floor Joint Reseal Repair

Almost all warehouse and industrial floor slabs will have joints with rounded or spalled edges, which should be seen as an early indication of more serious, potential long term damage.

The floor joint edges, or arrisses, are vulnerable to damage under the impact from hard wheeled traffic.

Our approach to Joint Reseal Repair

Existing Problem

joint reseal

Hard wheeled traffic deflects any existing ‘soft’ sealant and impacts against the joint arrisses, causing ‘spalling’. If not treated early the damage will quickly increase.

“Floor Joint edge spalling never gets better with neglect – it always gets worse.”

The Solution

Damage to joint is reduced/prevented by implementation of semi-rigid joint sealant. Warehouse traffic experiences smooth transition across joint.

Repair Process

The joint edges are re-cut to form new arrisses. The repair is then fully filled with CoGri semi-rigid joint sealant before being ground smooth to create an impact free transition for wheeled traffic.

Prevent Edge Spalling

Completed Floor Joint Reseal

Using our floor joint reseal method and applying CoGri Rapid Seal we can reduce or even prevent further edge spalling. However, this relatively simple repair process can only be utilised if damage to the concrete slab edge is detected at an early stage. If more serious damage has already occurred, the reseal repair will not be effective and we would need to re-construct the floor joint arrisses using our Floor Joint Arris Repair detail.

CoGri Rapid Seal

CoGri Rapid Seal

CG Flooring Systems’ floor joint sealant, CoGri Rapid Seal is rigid enough to provide support and protection to the concrete arrisses, but is also flexible enough to accommodate any opening of the joint and still remain bonded to at least one concrete slab face.

Concrete Floor Repair Services

concrete floor joint arris repair

Joint Repair

Reconstruction of the joint arrisses

warehouse  floor joint reseal

Joint Reseal

Replacing defective sealant to protect arris edges

concrete floor slab crack repair

Crack Repair

Rebonding of two sections of the floor slab

other concrete flooring repair services

Other Repairs

Dependant on the relevant issue

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