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Our Floor Screed Systems

Floor Screed Systems are the ideal choice to refurbish an existing concrete floor and provide a smooth finish and hard wearing surface to support a highly trafficed warehouse operation. CG Flooring Systems understand the importance of a good quality floor and provide a wide range of floor screed systems to meet any floor requirement.

There are two types of service that we offer, a floor screed system for a wearing screed, and also a system to level out floors to receive floor coverings.

Wearing Screed (Finished Floor Surface)

 FastFloor Screed Systems

FastFloor IT

A cementitious pumpable floor Screed system for the refurbishment of concrete industrial floors. This floor screed is mixed in a pump to a fluid consistency to allow the mixture to flow smoothly, accurately with an even level of surface regularity and flatness. Areas of 1000m2 can be covered in one day. Once laid, it will only take up to 2-3 hours for foot traffic and up to 24 hours for wheeled traffic, to reconvene operations in that area. Find out more.

 resin screed service


Resin Floor Screed

will provide an adequate level of protection for surface finishes using thinner coating systems through to thicker floor screed systems, generally using epoxy or polyurethane based resin systems. These floor screed systems can be tailored for heavy duty traffic areas and also to suit available budget. They generally provide a level of protection against most common chemicals. Find out more.

Non-Wearing Screed (To Receive Floor Coverings)

sand cement screed service


Sand Cement Screed Service

Sand cement screed systems are generally the most traditional. This is mainly due to its suitability to receive almost any type of floor covering. It’s a semi-dry screed system which makes it the best choice for floors that are required to be laid to falls. It can be applied to ground floor slabs, suspended floors and on floating construction over insulation e.g. for underfloor heating systems. Find out more.

 underfloor heating service

Underfloor Heating Systems

are flowable in nature and are designed to provide the best solution for your underfloor heating system. In addition, they have significant advantages over the more traditional sand and cement floor screed systems, e.g. a greater area can be covered in one day. Find out more.