Industrial Floor Screed Systems

Floor Screed Systems are the ideal choice to refurbish an existing concrete floor and provide a smooth finish and hard wearing surface to support a highly trafficked warehouse operation.

CG Flooring Systems understand the importance of a good quality floor and provide a wide range of floor screed systems to meet any floor requirement.

Floor Screeding Services

We offer a number of screeding services including a floor screed system for a wearing screed, and also a system to level out floors to receive floor coverings.

Overview of our Screeding Services

Flowable Pump Screed

Application of pumped cementitious floor screed

A fast curing and durable self-smoothing cementitious floor screed that is designed to provide a new wearing surface on an old concrete floor slab. Find out more.

Sand Cement Screed Service

A traditional screed that is suitable for most applications where the floor is to be levelled to receive floor coverings. Find out more.

Underfloor Heating Systems

A range of flowing floor screeds designed for use in commercial and domestic buildings that have many advantages over traditional floor screeds. Find out more.

Light Reflecting Screed

Designed for rapid application, light reflecting floor screed is a tough, durable, environmentally friendly, cementitious floor screed that is ready for foot traffic in only 2 to 3 hours. Find out more.

Resin Floor Screed

Offer hard wearing floor systems with high levels of chemical and slip resistance that are hygienic and simple to maintain. Suitable for use in a variety of industries than can provide decorative as well as functional finishes. Find out more.

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A Fast Track Pumpable Screed Solution.

FASTFLOOR-IT Application

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