CG Flooring Systems Rocks! But Your Floors Don’t…

December 8, 2015

Eliminating Rocking SlabsCG Flooring Systems impressed a vehicle sales and servicing group recently, after completing a floor repair and stabilisation job in Brome, Suffolk.

The Roy Humphrey Group contacted CG Flooring Systems because some floor joints in one of their occupied warehouses needed attention.

“The forklift truck drivers had issues with the floor moving when they travelled over the construction joints” said Alan Yuill, Director of CGFS.  “There were genuine concerns that if left untreated it could lead to further damage to the floor joint arris edges, unforeseen maintenance to the trucks, driver fatigue, and damage to the wire guidance system within the Very Narrow Aisles (VNA).”

There are 5 construction joints in each of the 11 VNA where the concrete slabs were affected by vertical differential movement. Effectively the slabs rocked when vehicles travelled over them, therefore CGFS proposed two repair options to arrest the rocking slab movement.

“We could either have cut out the damaged areas, stitched in a load transfer mechanism before in-filling the new void with concrete, but this would have taken time and would have had a huge impact on daily operations” said Mr Yuill. “Or, we could repair the floor joints and install the CoGri Joint Stabiliser to eliminate the rocking slabs. The latter option is a quicker and cleaner repair process and after discussions with Roy Humphrey Group, it is the solution we went with.”

There were 325 SD7 CoGri Joint Stablisers installed in to the VNA and Free Movement areas of the warehouse, with approximately 150 linear meters of joint arris repairs carried out.

“We faced challenges during the job; such as carefully handling and re-instating a wire guidance system, and in all it took us two weeks to complete the job, working outside the clients normal operational hours” said Alan Yuill. “They needed to be fully operational when they were open, so we were happy to be flexible in our approach to get the job done.  We received a complimentary letter from Roy Humphrey Group upon completion, telling us that they and their tenant were pleased with the results.”

If you have an industrial floor that needs repairing, contact CG Flooring Systems on +44 (0) 1484 600085 or send them a message using our enquiry form here.

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