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Video Showing Our Warehouse Flooring Services In Action

December 4, 2019

We are an industrial flooring contractor who are leaders in maintaining and prolonging the life and improving the performance of all worn and damaged concrete floors.

Watch us in action as we help Clients from a wide range of industries with their flooring needs.

Our range of services can be found here.

CG Flooring Systems – Polished Concrete Floor

May 10, 2019

Looking to refurbish your existing warehouse floor? Want to keep your costs down?

Part of our range of services include polishing industrial and commercial concrete floors using ride on power trowels which are ideal for completing large areas quickly and when time is of the essence. CG Flooring Systems polishing system provides a durable, dust free, easy to clean and low maintenance floor surface. Read More

CG Flooring Systems – Concrete Joint Repairs

March 6, 2019

Are you having problems with floor joints? Is it slowing down production?

CG Flooring Systems can get you back up and running without shutting down your entire operation, watch the CoGri Joint Repairs video as damaged joints are repaired quickly and efficiently returning the floor back ready for a smooth operation.

Find out more about CG Flooring Systems Floor Joint Arris Repair.

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