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CG Flooring Systems – Concrete Joint Repairs

March 6, 2019

Are you having problems with floor joints? Is it slowing down production?

CG Flooring Systems can get you back up and running without shutting down your entire operation, watch the CoGri Joint Repairs video as damaged joints are repaired quickly and efficiently returning the floor back ready for a smooth operation. Read More

Off-line? Not for long. Fastrack Joint Repairs

December 6, 2018

Fastrack Joint Repair1. Joint Damage Evident Between Repairs.
CG Flooring Systems have completed 72 linear metres of our tried and tested concrete joint arris repair detail in one working day.
Our Client had a very small, one day window, for floor maintenance within their busy operational schedule and by using CoGri Rapid Mender, our ultrafast curing repair mortar, we knew we could meet the challenge with confidence.
Automated guided vehicles (AGV) operate within the production area, where Read More

A Root Cause Of Damage To Concrete Floor Joints

October 31, 2018

Repair to damaged concrete floor jointConcrete is the ideal choice of flooring for industrial buildings, particularly warehouse and large manufacturing facilities as it provides a tough and durable surface to operate on. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect nor is it indestructible when man and machine are let loose on it. Anyone who has worked in a busy warehouse or production facility will have come across damaged floor joints, you may have experienced a bumpy ride Read More

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