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Crazing In Your Concrete Floor

October 25, 2018

Crazing on a concrete floorIf you have worked in an industrial or commercial building where an exposed concrete floor is the surface the business operates from, then you have probably come across crazing. It is an irregular pattern of fine cracks in the concrete which is known as surface crazing.

In fact, they tend to be more visible when the floor gets wet, as the very fine cracks trap moisture and dust. However, unless Read More

CoGri Australia All Pumped Up

October 3, 2018

Upgrading a warehouse floor with FASTFLOOR-IT1. Preparation Completed.
CoGri Australia recently completed filling over 1200 SQMs of industrial pump screed to fill tracks originally ground into a concrete slab when the floor was upgraded to operate narrow aisle fork trucks to meet the Fmin75 specification.
8 aisles, 90m long by 1.8m wide were originally laser ground over eight years ago for Ikea for their very narrow aisle operation. Ikea recently Read More

Five Reasons You Need To Invest In Regular Concrete Floor Maintenance

September 27, 2018

Crack in concrete floor due to poor maintenanceAll concrete industrial floors will require maintenance. Particularly those in warehouse and busy factory operations, with the design of the floor and how it is used determining how much maintenance may be needed.
Floor joints are typically the biggest source of maintenance for concrete floors as the joint edges (arrisses) tend to take the impact from the hard-wheeled forklift trucks that operate on the floor.
Wider joints are Read More

Warehouse Floor Upgrade Hits The Right Notes

August 30, 2018

Upgrading a warehouse floor with FASTFLOOR-ITOne of the world’s premier musical equipment suppliers recently refurbished the warehouse floor at their piano selection centre in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
Half way through a long tenure on the building, the decision was taken to upgrade the floor not only to improve the ride for the materials handling equipment (MHE) and their operators, but also to enhance the appearance of the warehouse, making it a place they can be Read More

Cometh the Floor, Cometh the Resin Solution…

March 6, 2018

Polyurethane (PU) ScreedCG Flooring Systems have been busy over the last few months, completing a variety of different resin floor projects. Demonstrating there is a resin floor solution available to suit most industrial environments.
The installation of a heavy duty 9mm thick polyurethane (PU) floor screed in the food preparation and servery area, of a renowned fish and chip restaurant near Wakefield. Having invested in new state of the art fish fryer the Client Read More

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