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Eliminate Rocking Floor Slabs

May 1, 2014

Rocking Floor Slab Diagram

A rocking floor slab will become apparent at a loose floor joint, where the concrete slabs on either side of the joint move up and down independently of one another.

Concrete Floor Repair in Minutes!

May 1, 2014

Time… A precious commodity we never seem to have enough off in this demanding modern world of instant information, answers, solutions, etc. etc. It almost feels as though there is never enough time to sit back and smell the proverbial roses in the workplace, never mind considering when you can allocate time to have essential maintenance carried out in a busy warehouse. That was certainly the initial impression we were given by a client for whom we have recently completed a concrete floor repair project.

Video Testimonial from Paul Riley, DHL Harworth

May 1, 2014

We take great pride in our work and were delighted to receive some great feedback from one of the global market leaders in the logistics industry, DHL.

Video Transcript

I’m Paul Riley and I’m the regional facilities manager for DHL.
The biggest challenge at this site is the fact that it’s non stop, there are very few times in the working week when there is any down time to enable us to do any maintenance or repairs. I think the floor is one of those things that tends to get overlooked Read More

Proactive Floor Maintenance

May 1, 2014

Floor n. 1 the bottom surface of a room, on which people walk and which supports the furniture. 2 the boards or other material of which this is made. 3 the lowest limit of prices, etc.

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