Other Floor Repair Services

We offer a number of other types of floor repairs as part of our service, with the typical ones detailed below.

Typical Floor Repair Details

Where applicable our repair details are ground flush with the surrounding floor profile to provide a smooth transition over the repair for materials handling equipment.

Surface Repair

concrete floor in need of surface repair

Ideal for repairing floors where the concrete surface has broken away or worn down through surface abrasion. The area of floor to be repaired is filled with our CoGri Low Viscosity Resin which is highly effective up to a maximum depth of 15mm.

Patch Repair

floor requiring patch repair

Typically used where the damage has gone beyond shallow surface breakdown and a more robust repair is required. The damaged concrete is cut out and removed, being replaced with our heavy duty resin repair mortar at a thickness suitable to support operational traffic loading.

Bolt Top Off

floor bolt top off

Our cost effective way to treat bolt fixings in the floor, where minor surface damage is present around the bolt. Whilst we don’t remove the bolt from the floor slab, we ensure it is left below the surface and the area around the bolt is treated with our low viscosity resin. Preventing further deterioration of the concrete and removing potential damage to forklift truck wheels.


Bolt Removal

bolt removal

Our premium bolt removal process completely removes the bolt from the floor slab before our high strength, durable repair material is applied to the void. Ultimately preventing further surface deterioration and a repair that can accept floor fixings in the future.

Using our specialist fast cure repair products, we can carry out our repair details in a working facility with minimum impact on the operation.

Full Depth Dowelled Slab Repair

Full depth slab repair

There are occasions where significant failure of the floor at cracks or joints occurs and the damage is beyond the scope of a standard arris or crack repair details. When symptoms like these present themselves the most permanent solution to fix the problem is to cut out the damaged section of the slab and reinstate the joint by installing dowel bars. Our full depth dowelled slab repair detail will restore positive load transfer capability, providing a robust and durable solution.

Full Depth Dowelled Corner Repair

Full depth corner repair

Repairs section of the floor where there are cracks through the floor slab near to the intersection of the floor joints. We insert dowel bars into the slab to provide positive load transfer, removing any vertical movement of the slab at the joints and reducing the risk of future damage to the joints.

Concrete Floor Repair Services

concrete floor joint arris repair

Joint Repair

Reconstruction of the joint arrisses

warehouse floor joint reseal

Joint Reseal

Replacing defective sealant to protect arris edges

concrete floor slab crack repair

Crack Repair

Rebonding of two sections of the floor slab

other concrete flooring repair services

Other Repairs

Dependant on the relevant issue

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