Resin Floor Coating

Resin Floor Coatings offer a cost effective solution to protect your concrete floor and are suitable for use in a variety of environments.

Available in a wide range of colours they can provide decorative, as well as functional properties to any industrial area. Finishes can be applied in layers to achieve a greater application thickness with a smooth or textured finish to meet safety requirements for a slip resistant floor.

Resin Floor CoatingResin floor coatings are ideal for the installation of safety demarcation markings on concrete floors, enabling clear identification of pedestrian and vehicular routes within busy operational areas.

We don’t just paint the floor, as with all our floor systems, full mechanical surface preparation of the concrete substrate is carried out before the coating is applied. We also identify and repair defects within the floor slab and ensure that all existing joints are replicated through the new floor system.

High Build

High Build Resin Coating

These floor coatings are suitable for use in medium duty areas and are typically solvent free systems. Typically providing a gloss finish they can be used to apply walkways and demarcation line marking, as well as open floor areas. Grades are also available for use in static controlled areas. They can be used in heavier duty areas, but the life expectancy of the floor coating may be reduced.

Water Based

Water Based Resin Coating

The water based coatings systems are suitable for use in light to medium duty areas and generally solvent free. These coatings generally have a matt finish and can also be used for the application of demarcation lines and safety markings.

Anti-Slip Texture Profile

Anti-Slip Texture ProfileBy incorporating aggregate between the layers of the industrial resin floor paint a textured surface finish with greater slip resistance can be produced. Different grades of slip-resistance can be achieved by using larger or smaller sizes of aggregate.

Anti-slip systems like this one can be applied to resin screeds to provide a slip resistant surface. We can apply the anti-slip finish to the entire floor area or to specific areas as required.

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