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Resin Flooring Systems

The use of resin flooring systems in industrial and commercial environments is almost limitless, with options to suit every budget. Resin flooring can be applied to offer protection to the concrete floor surface against everyday wear and to protect the floor from spills and chemicals. It can be applied in a non-slip finish for safety requirements and as a decorative finish to enhance the appearance in the work place. From the application of a basic sealer coat, through to a thicker trowel applied resin floor screed, CG Flooring Systems have many years practical experience in the application of industrial resin floor systems.

There are different resin flooring systems available that are typically divided into epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic (MMA) resins. The different types of resin provide different combinations of application characteristics and through life performance and there are a number of factors to consider when selecting a resin flooring system. At CG Flooring Systems we have the knowledge and expertise to offer you sound professional advice on the most appropriate and cost effective resin flooring system to meet your operational requirements.

Critical to the success of any resin flooring system application is the level of surface preparation carried out before the resin can be laid. It is part of our ethos that detailed surface preparation is carried out on all our projects, where we will pay particular attention to:
  • Floor Joints – Location, Type and Condition
  • Surface Contamination – Oils, grease, etc
  • Cracking to the surface
  • Service Conditions (how the floor is expected to be used)
Our aim is to ensure you have the best possible experience with your resin flooring project. Please contact us and let us be your guide.

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Your Floor: Our Passion

Resin Screed has unlimited uses for your floor:

  • Protection from wear and tear 
  • Protects against chemical spills
  • Increases safety with non slip
  • Adds a decorative finish
PU Screed Work
Epoxy Resin Contract
Epoxy Screed Line Marking
Epoxy Resin Screed Job

Table – Types of Synthetic Resin Flooring (BS 8204-6)

An essential criteria in selecting a resin floor system is to ensure the correct products are selected, with the resin applied at the correct thickness to meet the intended service conditions.

At CG Flooring Systems we follow the guidelines in British Standards, BS 8204-6, for the application of the various resin floor systems that are available:

TypeNameDescriptionDutyTypical Thickness
1Floor SealApplied in two or more coats. Generally solvent or water borne.LDup to 150µ
2Floor CoatingApplied in two or more coats. Generally solvent freeLD/MD150µ to 300µ
3High Build Floor CoatingApplied in two or more coats. Generally Solvent FreeMD300µ to 1000µ
4Multi-layer FlooringAggregate dressed systems based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow applied floorings, often described as “sandwich” systemsMD/HD>2 mm
5Flow Applied FlooringOften referred to as “self-smoothing” or “self-levelling” flooring and having a smooth surfaceMD/HD2 mm to 3 mm
6Resin Screed FlooringTrowel-finished, heavily filled systems, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimise porosityMD/HD4 mm
7Heavy Duty Flowable FlooringHaving a Smooth SurfaceHD/VHD4 mm to 6 mm
8Heavy Duty Resin FlooringTrowel-finished, aggregate filled systems effectively impervious throughout their thicknessVHD6 mm


LDLight DutyLight foot traffic, occasional rubber tyred vehicles.
MDMedium DutyRegular foot traffic, frequent fork lift truck traffic, occasional hard
plastic-wheeled trolleys.
HDHigh DutyConstant fork lift truck traffic, hard plastic wheeled trolleys, some impact.
VHDVery High DutySevere heavily loaded traffic and impact.