Sand Cement Screed

At CG Flooring Systems we install sand and cement screed as a levelling screed to achieve compliance with specified floor tolerances.

Quality of Installation

To enable our highly skilled staff to deliver the floor to a high standard, we use ready mixed materials from reputable suppliers. The materials are batched and mixed off site for quality control guaranteeing the correct design mix is supplied, ensuring a quality installation is delivered.

Floor Testing

CG Flooring Systems can provide a full range of recognised industry tests to confirm the screed has been applied to meet the desired standard.

The Traditional Floor Screed

sand cement screed service

Sand and Cement Screed is widely understood as being the traditional floor screed. Sand and Cement make an ideal screed system which is suitable to receive almost any type of floor covering. It is a semi-dry system which makes it the best choice for floors that are required to be laid to falls, in other words a slight slope, to assist with drainage.

Cement Screed Installation

sand cement screed installation

Sand and cement screeds are laid by hand and installations can take longer to complete compared with the flowable screed systems available on the market. Once installed the screed should be allowed to dry naturally and subject to environmental conditions on site, can be opened to foot and light vehicular traffic after four days and full site traffic after seven days.

Please Note:
We would like to recommend that sand cement screeds should not be treated as a wearing surface and need to be covered by a suitable floor finish.

Floor Screeding Services

sand cement screed application

Sand Cement Screed

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