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CG Floorings Areas of Expertise

We are international specialists in finishes, up-grading, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, factory and industrial flooring slabs.

Our experience in the industrial flooring market sector enables us to give sound professional advice and offer the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions to industrial flooring requirements. We offer time proven industrial flooring systems to surface, joint repair and floor refurbishment methods, as well as options and recommendations on joint sealants.

CG Flooring Services

Floor Screed Systems

Screed floor systems are an ideal choice to refurbish an existing concrete floor and provide a smooth finish and hard wearing surface to support a busy warehouse operation. We understand the importance of a good quality floor and provide a wide range of floor screed systems to meet any floor requirement. There are two types of service that we offer, a floor screed system for a wearing screed, and also a system to level out floors to receive floor coverings. Read more

Resin Flooring Systems

floor resinThe use of resin flooring systems in industrial and commercial environments is almost limitless, with options to suit every budget. Resin flooring can be applied to offer protection to the concrete floor surface against everyday wear and to protect the floor from spills and chemicals. It can be applied in a non-slip finish for safety requirements and as a decorative finish to enhance the appearance in the work place. Read more

Concrete Slab Repair Joints are designed and positioned to allow movement in concrete floors, without restraining that movement as that could lead to random cracking. Joint sealant should be rigid enough to provide support and protection to the concrete arrisses. Read more

Joint Stabilising

joint stabiliserThe Joint Stabiliser eliminates concrete joint load transfer problems with its patented spring-like mechanism which allows it to expand and contract with the slab. When the Joint Stabiliser is inserted between the two concrete floor slabs, the pressure locks the slabs together and restores positive load transfer. Read more

Floor Grinding

Floor GrindingFloor Grinding is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces for free movement floors. Free movement floors refer to areas where materials handling equipment operate in random, non-defined directions and have an infinite number of travel paths. Read more


demarcationIn order to meet the demand for the speedy application of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent demarcation line marking, CG Flooring Systems Limited have built up a variety of materials and equipment to meet Clients demands and safety requirements regarding their warehouse and industrial floors. Demarcation line removal is also available. Read more

Surface Preparation

floor preparationCG Flooring Systems Limited auto-blast vacuum enhanced concrete floor shot-blasting system is a modern, fast, dust free and environmentally acceptable method of preparing a concrete floor surface for the application of pump-applied cementitious screeds, as well as standard and specialist resin coatings. Read more

Floor Heating Systems

underfloor heatingCG Flooring Systems are experienced flooring contractors specialising in the installation of the underfloor heating pipe-work and laying of the concrete slabs, pumped anhydrite toppings and hand applied sand cement screeds, required for underfloor heating systems. Read more

Floor Flatness Surveys

 floor flatnessCG Flooring Systems have the knowledge and expertise to visually check (Free) and level survey (optional) a floor to provide detailed information relating to the suitability of the surface of the floor with respect to the clients particular requirements. Read more

Why Choose Us?

  • Established in 2000 and have experience in many successful flooring contracts
  • being able to be adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of any given customer
  • we stand by every job, through good bad and we will manage problems
  • work with the customer to make sure that the project is delivered as required and on time
  • access to some of the best brains and a wealth of experience on any subject to do with concrete industrial floors
  • professional, thorough, passionate and we want to give the right advice
  • We believe in the systems that we deliver are right for any customer in any given situation in an industrial environment

What Client’s Say

The floor is looking really lovely now. We are so pleased with the high standard of service and the amazing finish that we have arrived at now”
Beth West, Fashion and Textile Museum
“The speed of response from CG Flooring Systems from both the initial site visit and submission of formal proposal, to the arrival of engineers on site to affect the actual floor preparation and final repair were critical in ensuring we continued to meet the clients vital time frame for the overall project – without this prompt action greater expense would have been incurred by the client. This would not have been possible without the valued services of CG Flooring Systems with whom we continue to make progress with other opportunities across our varied and extended customer base.”
Director, CAM Forklift Trucks Limited
“The proactive approach and knowledge of CG Flooring played a key part to successfully delivering a complicated project in an occupied warehouse. The works were completed to a very high standard and I would not hesitate to recommend CG Flooring for any other floor repair works.”
Richard Estrop, Paragon LLP
CG Flooring as a division, has done a number of repairs for us over the time of our occupancy in this building. The thing I have noticed about CG Flooring is the level of professionalism that they display. Right from first contact, through to carrying the job out and its eventual completion. Probably one of the better things is that you don’t have to bring them back to do remedial work. Once they have fixed the floor, certainly in my experience, it does tend to stay fixed. Getting in, getting it done, and getting out and importantly for us being able to use that floor again very quickly is absolutely essential to us.”
Paul Riley, DHL