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Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation by Dust-Free Shot-Blasting

CG Flooring Systems Limited vacuum enhanced concrete floor shot-blasting system is a modern, fast, dust free and environmentally acceptable method of preparing a concrete floor surface for the application of pump-applied cementitious screeds, as well as standard and specialist resin coatings.

Concrete floor Shot-Blasting is quick, clean and fully self-contained allowing the projects undertaken to be completed in the minimum time.

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Surface Preparation for Pump-Applied Cementitious Flooring & Screeds

If a concrete floor Slab is only as good as the Ground it is sitting on, then a Screed is only as good as the Slab it is laid on! – bottom line: PREPARATION ! PREPARATION !! PREPARATION !!!

It matters little whether the screed is 100mm thick Concrete, 50mm thick Sand/Cement or a 10mm thick Polymer Modified Cementitious pump applied screed, poor surface preparation will almost certainly result in failure – usually by debonding.