Warehouse Floor Maintenance: Time for a Plan?

March 7, 2024

Warehouse Floor Maintenance - Joint and Crack RepairWith the advent of automation and robotics becoming more prevalent in the modern warehouse, generally operating alongside traditional materials handling equipment (MHE), the increase in and the type of hard-wheeled vehicles using the floor has placed greater demands on its performance.

In this article, we look at a few ways to improve operational performance and savings on your budget.

Do I Need a Floor Maintenance Plan for my Warehouse?

The short answer is, yes.

Warehouse floor maintenance plays a pivotal role in ensuring a safe, clean, and well-organised working environment.

All concrete floors require maintenance, especially when you consider your warehouse floor is in use from the day you move into the building until the day you move out.

It’s the base on which the MHE operate and will be subject to wear and tear; the busier the operation, the more wear and tear can be expected.

Preventative Floor Maintenance

This is so much more than a warehouse floor cleaning schedule.

You also need a plan in place to help reduce the cost of concrete floor maintenance, whilst avoiding any large repair bills required by end-of-lease dilapidation works.

It also creates a smoother ride for those who use the floor, ultimately increasing performance.

Warehouse Floor Survey

Warehouse Floor Condition Survey - checking joints, cleanliness and condition of surface
1. Warehouse Floor Condition Survey

A visual conditional survey will provide an assessment of the condition of the existing concrete floor.

The survey will focus on the main areas for defects:

Joints and Surface.

The survey will also assess the durability of the slab, as well as note any concerns with flatness or loading that may require specialist services.

Warehouse Floor Repair

The defects identified in the survey will enable advice on the type and quantity of required floor repairs.

Not all defects need to be treated straight away and we can present the information in a way that prioritises floor repairs, such as a traffic light scheme.

Coupled with a schedule of rates for concrete floor repairs, it enables a floor maintenance budget and strategy to be put in place.

Pro-Active Intervention for Concrete Warehouse Floors

Defects in concrete floor slabs tend to start small, but they will only worsen if they are not addressed and effective repairs are carried out.

Once concrete starts to break down, it never gets better with neglect. Identifying defects at an early stage will lead to more cost-effective repairs.

Concrete Floor Maintenance for High-Traffic Warehouses

Concrete Floor Maintenance and Repair
2. Concrete Warehouse Floor Maintenance

Warehouses are busy hubs of industry with high levels of hard-wheeled MHE running on the floor as part of daily operations.

Having a robust concrete floor maintenance plan will benefit the operation, leading to fewer shutdowns, greater efficiency, and higher productivity.

Choosing a specialist flooring contractor who understands warehouse floors and how they are used is key.

We have the skill and knowledge to ensure that floor repairs are carried out to the highest standards, supporting the operation for years to come.

Find out more about our concrete floor maintenance services and the CoGri range of floor repair products: www.cg-flooring.com

Alan Yuill - Director, CG Flooring Systems Ltd

Alan Yuill

Alan Yuill is the Director of CG Flooring Systems Ltd. He has over 17 years’ experience in the flooring industry. Alan joined the company, which are specialists in applied finishes, refurbishment, and repair of industrial and commercial concrete floor slabs, after serving 24 years in the Royal Navy.

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