Ready for The Robots – Warehouse Floors for AMR Systems

September 7, 2023

Smoothing Warehouse Floor For Large Sports Fashion Retailers Autostore Installation

About The Client:

We were recently approached by a client who is a leading supplier of cable management, identification, and termination solutions, as well as a variety of flexible and specialist cable products for their international customer base.

Our client is expanding their business and moving into a newly built warehouse where an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) system will form part of their operation. CG Flooring Systems were contacted for guidance on the suitability of the floor for the AMRs to operate on.

The Situation:

Grinding Floors into Compliance for an AMR System

Floor Before Grinding
1. Floor Before Grinding

In addition to being a specialist in the repair and upgrade of concrete floors, CG Flooring Systems, working alongside their sister company Face Consultants Ltd, have a great deal of experience in grinding concrete floors into compliance with demanding floor flatness specifications. We were delighted to have been approached and welcomed the opportunity to be of assistance on this project.

Meeting Floor Flatness Requirements for Robotic Systems

This was a new floor which, although it met the desired floor flatness specification for a typical industrial floor, needed further investigation in order to meet the demanding flatness requirements for the proposed robotics system.

The Solution:

Measuring Floor Surface Regularity

The next step was to engage Face Consultants to measure the surface regularity of the floor for the robotic system. Face Consultants carried out this test using their Robotics All in One Profileograph, which is capable of measuring 6 properties of floor flatness in a single pass.

Corrective Grinding for Warehouse Floors

Grinding Floors into Compliance
2. Grinding Floors into Compliance

The results of the flatness survey were assessed against the robot manufacturer’s specification and a remediation proposal was offered to the Client. CGFS was awarded the floor remediation works, with a corrective grinding plan and joint arris repairs formulated quickly.

Ensuring Efficient Warehouse Installations

CG Flooring’s team of specialist flooring technicians and Face Consultants surveyors have the experience and skills to bring floors into compliance with demanding specifications efficiently; helping to ensure other stages of the installation programme are not delayed. This is something that is not always considered, as the floor often goes unnoticed – until it’s not available for use.

The Results

Providing Floors for New Warehouse Technology

Floor After Grinding
3. Floor After Grinding

This was a great project to be involved in, not only was it at the forefront of e-commerce and new warehouse technology but we were able to provide our client with a one-stop shop for all their concrete floor requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver sound and professional advice throughout the journey – one of the many benefits of choosing to use a specialist in their field.

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