Five Reasons You Need To Invest In Regular Concrete Floor Maintenance

September 27, 2018

Crack in concrete floor due to poor maintenanceAll concrete industrial floors will require maintenance. Particularly those in warehouse and busy factory operations, with the design of the floor and how it is used determining how much maintenance may be needed.

Floor joints are typically the biggest source of maintenance for concrete floors as the joint edges (arrisses) tend to take the impact from the hard-wheeled forklift trucks that operate on the floor.

Wider joints are more susceptible to damage from the forklifts and once they start to breakdown they never improve on their own. As well as the floor joints, cracks and impact from dropping heavy items on to the floor can cause damage that needs to be assessed and fixed to ensure the floor continues to perform the way it was intended. Below are the five reasons you need to invest in regular floor maintenance to keep your floors in great condition.

  1. SAFETY – Operating on top of a badly damaged concrete floor increases the risk of personal injury to staff and visitors alike. Staff can suffer from driver fatigue from constantly driving over bumps or from the increased risk of trip hazards present in a poorly maintained floor. Injury to staff or visitors has the potential to have a negative financial impact on the business. Staying on top of your floor maintenance can significantly reduce this risk.
  2. VEHICLES – Continually riding on a floor in poor condition can cause damage to your materials handling equipment and forklift trucks. The damage can be quite costly to the business, not only in repairs to the vehicles, but if the vehicles are out of commission for a period of time, it costs the business even more.
  3. AUDITS – OSHA and other agencies may conduct audits and assessing the floor may be part of that audit. If the floor is in a poor state of repair it could lead to a halt in production or operations while repairs are performed.
  4. AESTHETICS – We all want to look professional to customers and visitors to our warehouses. A neat, clean, well maintained floor is the first thing people notice. A floor in disrepair will make even more of an impression, albeit a negative one.
  5. LEASING ISSUES – If you are renting the premises, your lease could have a clause wherein you are liable for any damage caused by floors in disrepair. It’s easier to budget for a smaller number of repairs annually to help avoid having a large bill at the end of the lease.

The best way to avoid these problems is to perform regular inspections of your floors. If you notice a small amount of damage, it can become a large amount of damage in a short space of time, if the damage is not addressed. Highlighting defects at an early stage and having them fixed quickly can save you money.

Floor Maintenance from CG Flooring Systems

At CG Flooring Systems, our professional staff can assess floor damage quickly and offer advice on the best way to fix and maintain the floor. Our experience of repairing concrete floors has enabled us to provide you with a Schedule of Rates for most common types of floor damage, ensuring we can quickly advise you on the cost of the repair work. We recognise that repairs to flooring can be disruptive to your operation.

With this in mind we use very fast curing materials and our equipment is dust suppressed to help ensure we are in and out as efficiently as possible. Regular inspections and having a pro-active approach to floor maintenance will help avoid high repair bills and ensure the health and safety of all involved. We offer a variety of solutions for the repair, upgrade and maintenance of concrete industrial floors. Give us a call at the first signs of damage. We are happy to help and may even save you some money.

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Have you recently checked your concrete flooring? Can you tell if you need it to be repaired and maintained? Our fantastic free guide will help you to decide what to do next.

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