Cold Store Floor Refurbishment

March 1, 2010

floor mobile racking area Langdon Industries Ltd are a logistics service provider who specialise in controlled temperature operations. Their Bridgwater depot is the centrepiece for their temperature controlled distribution centres throughout the UK. The floor within one of the cold stores was in need of refurbishment to better support their operational requirements.

Working alongside Caer Urfa, Consultancy and Project Management, CG Flooring Systems Ltd were brought in to undertake the floor refurbishment work. After a period of consultation, it was agreed that the work required to upgrade the floor would involve the removal of approximately 15mm of damaged concrete from the surface of the existing floor slab. The floor was to then be mechanically cleaned prior to the application of, Cemart’s, Cemdek Industrial Floor Screed as the newly finished floor surface. A window was identified in the clients’ operational programme and the instruction was received to commence the works.

The racking system within the cold store consists of movable racking which runs on steel rails, fixed within the concrete floor and static racks along perimeter walls. Extreme care had to be taken around the steel rails within the floor to ensure they were not damaged or knocked out of alignment. Another challenge was to overcome the limited floor space available to work on, particularly within the mobile racking area. In order to maximise output of the scheduled works, the fixed racking and one section of the mobile racking were removed, before commencing with the floor works. This increased the size of the open area at any given time and ultimately helped in ensuring the floor works were completed in good time, with a minimum downtime to the clients’ operation as was practicable, being achieved.

floor mobile racking area

Original Floor

Beautifully prepared surface-shot-blasted and ready for priming

Shot-Blasted Surface Ready For Priming

The temperature within the cold store had been increased to approximately 15 degrees centigrade and this allowed ideal environmental conditions for the application of the floor screed. However, it did make for some hot working conditions when all the preparation equipment was up and running. Once all pre-start requirements had been met the project got underway. The first stages involved isolating the steel rails and removing approximately 200 bolts from within the floor. The damaged concrete was removed from the surface by the road planner, undertaking a number of controlled passes over each area of the floor. The newly exposed concrete was then mechanically cleaned by captive enclosed shot-blasting, before the industrial liquid floor screed was applied at a nominal thickness of 15mm.

Floor Screed Laid in Mobile Racking Area

Floor Screed laid in Mobile Racking Area This project was technically and physically demanding and the 1,088m2 was completed within 8 days. The success of the installation is due in no small part to the appointment of a specialist industrial flooring contractor, whose knowledge and understanding of concrete industrial floors is invaluable. The Supervisors and Technicians demonstrated excellent teamwork, perseverance, commitment and pride to ensure the delivery of a quality installation for the client. Coupled with the strong and understanding relationship forged with the appointed consultant, enabled the project to be completed with a minimum of fuss.

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