Floor Repairs Ready for Robots

December 14, 2021

Floor Repairs Ready for Robots - Automated Warehousde Floor

About The Client

We were recently approached by a leading provider of ‘smart warehouse’ technology whose purpose is to help make their client’s journey to achieving a smart warehouse simpler, enabling them to change, adapt, and grow their companies with minimal friction.

Whether it’s warehouse hardware, software, a complete system or maintenance, our client can provide a solution to fit their client’s needs

The Situation:

Providing Suitable Floors for AMR Operations

Our client needed to deliver an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) system for their client, a British multinational retailer of groceries and general merchandise, and contacted CG Flooring Systems for guidance on the suitability of the floor for the AMRs to operate on.

In addition to being a specialist in the repair and upgrade of concrete floors, CG Flooring Systems, working alongside their sister company Face Consultants, an independent floor testing organisation, have many years of experience in grinding concrete floors into compliance with demanding floor flatness specifications.

We were delighted to have been approached and welcomed the opportunity to be of assistance on this project.

The Solution and Results:

Testing Floors for Change of Use

Core Samples From Existing Floor Slab
1. Core Samples From Existing Floor Slab.

Initial surveys were carried out to assess the condition of the existing floor slab, including the taking of core samples to get a better understanding of the make-up of the floor. The cores were analysed and tested before the results were reviewed by Face Consultants’ design engineer to confirm the floor was suitable for the new AMR operation.

After providing the client with knowledge and assurance that the floor was good to support the change of use, the next step was for Face Consultants to test the surface regularity of the floor for the robotic system. Face carried out this test using their Robotics All In One (AIO) Profileograph, capable of measuring 6 properties of floor flatness in a single pass.

The results of the flatness survey were assessed against the robot manufacturer specification. As the floor did not appear to be that bad and the proposed AMR operational area will be undergoing a period of performance testing, discussions with the client concluded that corrective grinding was not required at the time. An assessment for corrective grinding will be made after the robots have had a period of running on the floor.

Repairing Slab Defects

Concrete Slab Repair Ready For Robotic Systems
2. Concrete Slab Repair.

The final step was for CG Flooring Systems to carry out repairs to slab defects, ensuring the repair details were finished flush with the surrounding floor profile. This would provide a smooth transition for the AMRs across the floor. With the operating temperature of the warehouse at 2oC CoGri Rapid Mender was the repair material of choice due to its rapid-curing properties and ability to be applied at temperatures as low as -23oC.

Integrated Services for Concrete Floors

This was a great project to be involved in, with it being at the forefront of e-commerce and new warehouse technology. We were also able to provide our client with a one-stop-shop for all their concrete floor requirements, delivering sound, professional advice throughout the journey. This is one of the many benefits of choosing a specialist in their field.

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Discover more about our concrete floor repair service and the CoGri range of materials: www.cg-flooring.com

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