Laboratory Floor Transformation

September 14, 2021

Laboratory Floor Upgrade and Refurbishment

About The Client

For more than 100 years, our client has provided high integrity forgings used in the world’s most demanding applications.

As providers of discs, rings, shafts, asymmetric forgings, and extruded cylinders manufactured in nickel, titanium, and steel alloys, they service several sectors including Defence, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and many more.

Their four manufacturing sites are in Sheffield, the 4th largest city in England, with an impressive heritage for steel and manufacturing.

CG Flooring Systems had the privilege of being chosen to refurbish the floor within the test laboratory area at their site, known as a world-class materials product certification lab and head office. The overall site footprint comprises 20,000 square metres.

The Situation:

Floor Before Refurbishment
1. Floor Before Refurbishment.

Our client was looking to upgrade the floor in the workshops and offices of their Test and Quality Assurance laboratory.

They were looking to remove the worn vinyl floor and the wooden boards it was applied to, exposing the concrete floor underneath. They could then ensure that the floor was workable and suitable for carrying out their daily operations efficiently and safely.

The vinyl would be replaced with a new durable floor system, resistant to the chemicals used within the laboratory.

The Solution and Results:

Finished PU Floor Screed
2. Finished PU Floor Screed.

Understanding the brief and creating a cost-effective plan based on our client’s requirements, we worked closely with our supplier who provided a Heavy Duty Polyurethane(PU) floor screed for the new floor system.

However, selecting the wearing system was the straightforward part of the project, with the unknown condition of the concrete substrate now the main challenge in front of us. Despite hoping for the best outcome, the surface of the slab required additional work to get it ready to receive the PU screed.

Following clear and open communication with the client, CG Flooring’s proposed solution was accepted. Isolated repairs were carried out, including grinding the floor, repairing the ground slab, and lastly applying CoGri FASTFLOOR-IT Industrial Base Screed to level out the floor area of 265 square metres.

The finished floor, in the preferred RAL colour, was delivered with minimum impact on the client’s operation.

Commenting on the project, Alan Yuill, Director at CG Flooring Systems said:“The team put in a great performance, overcoming the challenges as they were presented to provide a high-quality floor system for our client.”

Finished PU Floor Screed
3. Completed Laboratory Floor.

Despite best plans being in place, projects of this nature can throw up unexpected challenges that need to be resolved quickly and with cost-efficient solutions.

This is where using a flooring contractor who specialises in the repair and refurbishment of concrete floor slabs is a key enabler to the success of the project and the longevity of the floor.

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For further information about our industrial floor screeding services, please contact CG Flooring Systems on 01484 600085.

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