Resin Floor On Order for Online Retailer

June 16, 2017

Epoxy Resin Screed Floor CG Flooring Systems (CGFS) completed their latest flooring project recently, for a global online retailer in the East Midlands.

The well-known firm has opened a vast parcel processing centre next to the existing Interlink industrial park. The organisation now has 28 fulfillment centres across Europe.

The Requirement

Stanford Industrial Concrete Flooring Ltd and WinVic Construction approached CGFS about an easy to maintain and resilient floor surface.  It was required in the staff communal areas including the canteen and locker rooms, and CGFS were a good choice for the project, due to their experience of similar jobs in the past.

The Method

Alan Yuill, Director of CG Flooring Systems took representatives from the client’s organisation and the build team to see a previous installation of similar size and scale.

“The neutral site visit meant that all parties could get a feel for what the finished floor will look like in a working environment” said Alan. “It also gave them an opportunity to observe the quality of our work.”

Sample of Resin Floor System

Following the site visit, the next stage was to conduct some trial samples. The client requested samples in matt & gloss finishes with different shades of grey, which were then placed on the site. This enabled the client to benchmark in the working environment and, crucially, allowed the client to see the new resin floor before the full installation.

“The preferred floor system chosen was CoGri Resmooth epoxy resin screed in mid-grey, with a gloss finish” said Alan. “This was to be installed to a 3mm thickness. At a little over 3,000m2, it was a substantial sized resin floor. Installation encompassed large open areas and smaller rooms on either side of the main warehouse and Distribution centre floor.

A smaller area of work of 135m2 was undertaken in June, before the main body of work was carried out in August. A challenge that the flooring experts faced was that the concrete slab had only been laid a few months earlier and the resin needed to be applied on top. The mastery was to ensure the correct primer system was selected and in this instance, the primer is key to the end result to prevent premature failure of the new floor system.

Alan told us: “Our experience as a specialist in the refurbishment of concrete floor slabs enabled us to put together a resin floor system that we know will perform well on a newly laid concrete floor.” He added: “It also provides the durable, resilient and low-maintenance floor that the client was looking for, and as well as providing a technically sound floor system, it helps that it also looks good”. Said Alan Yuill of CG Flooring Systems.

Smooth Results

CGFS completed the job within a two-week timeframe.

They mechanically cleaned the floor; and applied the CoGri Resprime and 3mm application of CoGri Resmooth. They also transferred all existing floor joints through the new resin floor, filling with CoGri Resjoint Industrial joint sealant.

“I was delighted to be involved with this project” said Alan. “We were able to showcase our skills, professionalism as well as demonstrate the quality of our range of resin products. We were also able to deliver on our promise to complete the work to a high standard.”

You can contact CG Flooring Systems if you require any advice on your industrial warehouse floor. Tel +44 (0) 1484 600085, or email

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