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June 16, 2017

completed-floor-checking-levels-500x375CG Flooring Systems were called in to action to perform a job for a market-leading electric heating and hot water products manufacturer recently, with a technical job that needed a rapid turnaround.

The Norwich based client specialises in domestic and commercial hot water, hygiene and drinking water solutions and renewable technology.  Their distribution centre was about to have a new section of racking installed in an old loading dock area that was no longer used.  But work was needed on the floor to make it suitable to support future operations.

“The floor wasn’t fit for a new racking installation. This is why we were called in” said Alan Yuill, Director of CG Flooring Systems. “There was a fall (slope) of around 100mm in a 100m2 area leading down from the loading dock which needed to be built up in layers and levelled out before the new racking could be installed.”

Alan added: “There was also a very short timescale for us to get this floor right for them. That gave us a challenge that we like to thrive on.”


The floor was initially shot blasted to prepare it for the base screed work that was about to commence. Shot blasting makes the floor surface rough, allowing greater bonding for the base screed.

Alan explained: “We then needed to set screws at selected points in the floor working to a datum. This allows us to apply the FASTFLOOR-IT base screed up to the aligned screw heads, giving us the level we’re working to.”

Base Screed Application

The warehouse flooring experts used their FASTFLOOR-IT base screed product. This can be applied in layers of up to 50mm, and takes approximately 24 hours before it’s ready for any subsequent layers can be applied.  In this particular job, two 50mm layers of base screed was be applied to the floor over two days, before the top layer surface screed was added to complete the job.

“The base screed isn’t durable enough to stand up to traffic conditions” said Alan. “So we added a 7mm application of our FASTFLOOR-IT Topping Screed on the final day. This gave it the durable finish and allow the floor to accept foot, truck and machinery movement perfectly.

The job was completed in just five days. This allowed the client to install their new racking in the old dock area, contributing to an efficient operation on site.

Do you need a screed application, a floor repair, or just some advice on your warehouse floor? Contact CG Flooring Systems on +44(0) 1484 600085, or email them: info@cg-flooring.com.

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