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May 21, 2015

Epoxy Resin ScreedResin flooring systems have a variety of benefits which range from affordable protection of concrete floors, to providing an anti-slip surface for better health and safety.  It’s even great for just giving the floor a lift with a decorative finish.  

And no matter what the requirement, CG Flooring Systems Ltd of Huddersfield has the knowledge and experience to deliver a solution to suit the customers’ operational demands and budget.

A recent project saw CG Flooring Systems Ltd carry out work for an international pharmaceutical company who were looking to refurbish their warehouse, goods receiving areas and packaging floors. Although the existing concrete floors were structurally sound, they were showing signs of general wear and tear, and an upgrade was required to better support future operations. After a short period of consultation between both parties, agreement was reached to carry out repairs to the damaged joint arrisses (edges of the concrete slabs) and cracks in the slab, before applying a self smoothing, solvent free epoxy resin screed.

“Every job presents a challenge to be embraced which, for us, is part of the fun of being a specialist industrial flooring contractor” said Alan Yuill, Director of CG Flooring Systems.  “And this project provided a stage for CG Flooring Systems to showcase our skills and professionalism.”

They prepared an area in excess of 1,000m2 before applying the self smooth epoxy screed.  In addition to this, 275 linear metres of joint re-seals, 78 linear metres of crack repairs and 30 linear metres of joint arris repair had to be completed before the surface preparation element could commence.

“The importance of good liaison with the client was no more evident than in this case, as all the floor repair works had to be completed working around the busy warehouse operation” Alan added. “This ensured the floor was ready in all respects for the surface preparation and screeding works to take place over the quieter weekend period.”

The tight schedule seemed even tighter when the shot-blasting and diamond grinding to remove existing floor coatings took longer than anticipated, due to multiple layers of coatings discovered in certain areas of the warehouse. However, the site team quickly overcame the hurdles to ensure the epoxy resin screed application could be applied before normal operations resumed on the Monday morning.

Safety marking lines, walkways and marshalling lanes were then applied in colours to meet the clients standard operations guide, and the entire works package was successfully completed within 7 days, and the difference in the floor after applying the epoxy resin screed was stark.

Before and after CG Flooring Systems applied the resin flooring system to the warehouse

Before resin application

Before Resin Application

After resin application

After Resin Application

The success of the floor refurbishment works was in no small part down to the ability and experience of CG Flooring Systems as specialist in the upgrading of concrete industrial floors.

From the application of a basic sealer coat, through to a thicker trowel applied resin floor screed, CG Flooring Systems have many years practical experience in the application of industrial resin floor systems.

The use of the system in industrial and commercial environments is almost limitless, with options to suit every budget. Resin flooring can be applied to offer protection to the concrete floor surface against everyday wear and to protect the floor from spills and chemicals. It’s also a hygienic finish, which is perfect for food and beverage environments.

Why not give them a call on 01484 600085 for sound, professional advice, and to discuss your floor project with them.

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