Floor Flatness Surveys

An open area of floor slab or a wide racking aisle may ‘look’ flat, smooth and perfectly serviceable when observed by the untrained eye; but in the majority of cases, the said slab will not be flat, smooth and may prove to be far from being fit for the clients use!

CG Flooring Systems have the knowledge and expertise to visually check (Free) and level survey (optional) a floor to provide detailed information relating to the suitability of the surface of the floor with respect to the clients particular requirements.

CG Flooring Systems will pay particular attention to:

With this information available, CG Flooring Systems will be able to provide a comprehensive report, repair or refurbishment options and a realistic quotation for the proposed work.

Floor Flatness Compliance Testing

floor flatness

Working with Face Consultants Ltd, a member of the CoGri Group of companies, we are able to offer floor flatness compliance testing on industrial concrete floors to TR34 standards, German (DIN), American (Fmin) and other standards.

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Checking levels on completed floor

Face Consultants are world leading experts in the design, surveying and testing of commercial and industrial concrete flooring.

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floor flatness surveys

Floor Flatness Surveys

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