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November 3, 2015

Ground Joint Repair - (2)CG Flooring Systems and Concrete Grinding showed great cross-company team work, as the giants of the industrial flooring industry combined to upgrade the condition of the floor in one of the UK warehouses for Amazon.

To assist Concrete Grinding in the delivery of a DM2 compliant floor within the Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) CG Flooring Systems (CGFS) carried out specialist repairs to the steel armour joints in the VNA, prior to Concrete Grinding conducting their high tolerance Laser Grinding.  In defined movement areas such as VNA, the Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) run on fixed paths and the aisles are generally associated with high level storage racking. A flat and level floor is therefore essential for the MHE to operate at optimum performance.

“There was one steel joint in each aisle which had opened up quite wide and this was causing the forklift trucks to bounce on impact as they passed over the joint” said Alan Yuill of CG Flooring Systems. “And this was causing operational problems for the MHE but we have a tried and tested repair solution for this exact scenario.”

CG Flooring Systems could isolate the area where work needed to be carried out, and allow normal MHE operations to continue around them – even in the same aisle.

When the green light was given to go ahead with the work, CGFS removed the steel joints by carrying out an arris repair detail. The arris repair detail is where the edge (the arris) of the floor slab is rebuilt using a resin based mortar, in this instance CoGri Rapid Mender was used. The repair mortar is finished flush with the surrounding floor profile and the movement joint reinstated at a width of 5mm, leaving a smooth surface for the MHE to pass over.

“It was necessary to remove the steel joint in this case” Alan added “as it ensured the Laser Grinding operations would not be hampered, and ultimately removed a bumpy joint for the MHE drivers.”

The job was completed in 3 days, and allowed Concrete Grinding to come in and carry out the Laser Grinding in the VNA that Amazon needed to complete their CoGri Floor at their warehouse.

If you need any industrial flooring repairs, or floor upgrades; contact CG Flooring Systems on +44 (0) 1484 600085, or email them at

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